Singapore faiths and government should work closely to curb extremist religious speakers: forum

Local religious leaders have called for a stronger partnership between themselves and the government to prevent foreign religious speakers with deviant views from coming into Singapore.

They were speaking at a one-day forum, organised by the Institute of Policy Studies, on the role of religious leaders and the state in cultivating religious harmony in Singapore at the Furama RiverFront Hotel on Tuesday (3 July).

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Iranian artist fosters interfaith ties with Filipinos through Mary

Interfaith dialogue through art is something that Muslim Iranian calligrapher Tandis Taghavi, 45, has always believed in.

Using the Persian writing style called “nastaliq,” characterized by the downward slope of letters from right to left, Taghavi wrote verses from the Quran’s 19th chapter, “Maryam” or “Mary,” and dedicated the artwork to Filipino Christians to highlight the commonalities between Islam and Christianity.

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New Zealand: Interfaith dialogue revolutionising religion

Interfaith dialogue is becoming increasingly essential in today’s multifaith world and is actually revolutionising religion.

Interfaith Scotland director Dr Maureen Sier, who gave a public lecture on the topic of interfaith dialogue on March 27 in Auckland, said an uncomfortable truth societies face today is the diversity of religion. She belongs to the Baha’i faith.

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Why the rescued Thai soccer team has ordained as Buddhist novice monks

After their dramatic rescue from Nang Non cave, the Thai boys and their soccer coach have ordained as novice monks for a period of nine days, as a part of paying respect to the Thai Navy SEAL, Saman Gunan, who died during the efforts to save them.

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Khmer-Krom: Viet Namese Restrictions on Freedom of Religion

Even though the Vietnamese Constitution formally recognises the right of all minorities to freely exercise their own faiths, the restrictions imposed in practice pose a serious threat to the freedom of communities to practice their religions. The complex system of permissions designed by the Vietnamese legislation represents a considerable obstacle for these communities, which often adds to the harassment and violence committed by the State apparatus against religious activists and figures.

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