India: Hindus, Sikhs rebuild mosque shut since 1947

mosque-mainIn a remarkable show of fraternity and communal harmony, Hindus and Sikhs from Malla village of Ludhiana came together and offered their services to repair a mosque that had remained shut since 1947. The Masjid was thrown open to the public on February 29.

The masjid comes as a relief to the lone Muslim family in the village, and others in the area, who otherwise had to travel to Jagraon or Raikot to offer namaz

The mosques was identified by the Majlis Ahrar Islam Hind Party of Ludhiana. They approached the Imam of Jama Masjid Ludhiana — Maulana Habib Ur Rehman Sani Ludhianavi for assistance.

“We approached the villagers and they were ready to open it for re-construction,” said Maulana Habib. “We spent around Rs 6 lakh from Habib Charitable trust to re-construct it and we are pleased to see that villagers irrespective of their religion even offered karsewa during the construction.”

Namaz was offered since the day the masjid was re-opened and a langar was arranged by the villagers.

“We can now perform prayers in the village mosque,” said Iqbal Husain, a resident of the village.

Nayab Shahi Imam Maulana was also present who helped in construction of this nasjid while sarpanch Gurmail Singh and former sarpanch Avtar Singh, along with other villagers, organised langar for all.

“We believe in communal harmony and want to set example for others that instead of creating walls of religion, one should live happily with each other,” they said.

At the renovated mosque at Malla village in Ludhiana.
At the renovated mosque at Malla village in Ludhiana.


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