Fiji Interfaith Youth Forum for Peace and Nation building

Fiji Interfaith Youth Forum for Peace and Nation building

The annual Ecumenical Centre for Research Forum in Fiji selected the theme of Youth as Custodians of Peace through dialogue and mutual understanding.

Fiji, 18 February 2011

“One of the important roles that young people can play in terms of nation building is understanding cultural differences and sustaining youth network that would mobilise the works for peace that would be enjoyed by all in Fiji. Therefore a crucial role of the youths in nation building is to realise that they are premier custodians of peace” says Waisale Ramoce the Coordinator of the Youth Peace and Development Programme of ECREA ahead of its Annual Youth Forum for 2011.

ECREA’s annual youth forum is bringing together a group of 40 young people representing different religious and ethnic backgrounds from around Fiji to discuss the state of inter ethnic relationship in Fiji. He added that “More often than not young people are not given a platform to talk about their own contributions to nation building and for ECREA’s Youth Peace and Development Programme this is an opportunity to explore young people’s ideas of understanding the concepts of Peace and Conflict Analysis as part of nation building”

This year’s theme of Youths-Custodians of Peace through Dialogue and Mutual Understanding” is a challenge for young people in Fiji to be involved in the constructive processes in building social unity, economic prosperity and political stability in an inclusive and just way. A way forward for Fiji is to understand the ethnic differences that exist in our society and to be able to devise strategies that will be able to accommodate and appreciate these differences.” Furthermore, Mr. Ramoce added ” this forum is also hoping to inspire youths to extend their network of young peace builders to extend beyond their cultural differences to create a nation united by values of peace, respect and tolerance for sustainable peace in this country.

The week long forum will officially be opened on Tuesday 15 February at 9:00am at Nadave and will finish on Friday the 18th of February 2011. The Forum is kindly assisted by the United Nation Development Programme – Pacific Centre.