Myanmar: Interfaith Dialogue Meet in Yangoon

An interfaith dialogue for peace, harmony and security was held at Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Yangoon, Myanmar for two days from 5th to 6th July.


The two-day dialogue, held in Dagon Myothit (North), Yangon Region, was convened by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture with assistance from the Japan foundation, the Vivekananda foundation from India, and the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies.

Addressing the dialogue, the Sitagu Sayadawgyi emphasized that those in attendance have one thing in common despite different religious faiths, cultures and social characters, that this common goal is nothing but peace, stability and security of the human world and that the contemporary world lacks peace, security and stability because of variegated political, racial and religious conflicts, state media reported.

The two-day dialogue was attended by 135 religious leaders and scholars from 32 countries inclusive of US, UK, Spain, Japan, China, Bhutan, France, India and Sri Lanka etc and 120 religious leaders and scholars from Myanmar.



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