Indonesia: Youth in Paths of Peace

Jakarta, ICRP – Commemorating the International Day of Peace on 14 October the Community of Sant Egidio in cooperation with the Commission of HAAK KAJ and ICRP held a peaceful prayer in the courtyard of Atma Jaya University, Jakarta. This activity as a momentum forwarded the message of Franciscan Asisi to build dialogue and prayer, promoting mutual understanding among different religions and cultures.


This year’s anniversary is celebrated with art performances, delivering a peaceful message and ending with candlelight and an interfaith peace declaration. Present a number of interfaith figures from ICRP namely Ulil Abshar Abdalla, Engkus Ruswana (penghayat), Suryani (Khonghucu), Balwant Singh (Sikh), Pedande Mangku Nyoman Sutisna (Hindu) and Bhante Bhadrauttama (Buddha).

In the oration of the message of peace, Ulil said that we are currently witnessing the dark forces roaming. Religion is a tool not to spread peace and love but divide. We believe that our Lord in different titles has compassion. Religion is a bridge that connects to one another not a barrier wall. Although dark forces are everywhere, we should not despair. We can build community and build togetherness. May the initiative of the community of Sant Egidio be able to contribute small steps towards a great goal, life-giving to all.

Romo Wahyu Kristian from Jakarta Archdiocese, “I invite all of us and Catholics specifically to practice Pancasila as the foundation of our country and unifier. Last year Catholics contemplated the divine God by sharing with others. This year Pancasila amalkan more just become more civilized towards self, fellows and nature around. Next year our unity bhinneka indonesia Indonesia. We are grateful to be in this beloved country. On this occasion I invite all of us to be peacemakers. Echo Harmony of tone in diversity. ”

While Mr. Engkus Ruswana from the pengayat said that there is an element of God in man, this is what must be turned on. God has created man complete with provision of life. Talking of diversity means talking to yourself. God has exemplified his presence in us. We have the sense device with its uniqueness. When the sense device is not at peace with each other what will happen. So also with our association. Natural elements as well. The tools for measuring peace are within us, in whatever belief God’s element already exists. Believers also vary but we get along well. Nothing in history, the outer religion that came to be inhibited by local beliefs was evidence of our teachings receiving outside and harmonious teachings.

Also enliven the art performances of youth Inter-faith representatives such as GAMKI (Indonesian Christian Youth Movement), FMKI KAJ (Community Catholic Society of Indonesia Archdiocese of Jakarta), Cikini Community, Sikh Religious Community, University of Indonesia students. (Lucia Wenehen)



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