Christian and Muslim Youth meet religious leaders during UK forum

Fifty young Christians and Muslims ages 20-25 are meeting 8-18 July for an Emerging Peacemakers Forum offering training in peacemaking and reconciliation at the Churchill College of Cambridge University in the UK. They will meet with international religious leaders, including the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and president of the Muslim Council of Elders Prof. Dr Ahmad Al-Tayyeb.


Earlier this week, Al-Tayyeb was received by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, and also met with Queen Elizabeth II.

The forum is being organized by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in cooperation with the Council of Muslim Elders and the Archbishop of Canterbury. It aims to strengthen the role of the youth in their societies and promote a culture of coexistence and integration.

This week, young people explored topics such as mediation, curiosity, forgiveness, and hospitality, asking the question: “Who are we?”

Forum organizers hope that the young participants, who are from diverse countries, will propose creative initiatives that religious institutions will adopt. The event is also designed to enhance the dialogue between religions and cultures by involving youth and making use of their capabilities to promote the values of peace and coexistence in societies.



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