Press Statement by Religious Leaders on the Riverside Dusit Complex Attack on 15 January 2019

Fellow Kenyans and all people of goodwill, we, the religious leaders of Kenya meeting under the auspices of the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, convey our peace and goodwill greetings to all Kenyans and visitors in our country.

Press Statement by Religious Leaders on the Riverside Dusit Complex Attack on 15 January 2019

It is with great sense of grief, sorrow and heavy hearts today that religious leaders are sending their condolences to the families, friends and relatives of all those that were hurt, lost their loved ones and affected and afflicted in the heinous act when terrorists raided the Dusit Complex on Riverside Drive in Nairobi County. We pray for quick recovery for those hurt during the attack and comfort to all who lost their kinsfolks. We pray for a speedy and complete recovery of all those physically, spiritually, and psychologically injured by the acts of terrorism and hate directed at our great people.

As our country bleeds and mourns from these actions, let no one cite religion as a reason for this heinous crime since no religion condones such. It is a great violation of the dignity of humanity and sin to kill innocent people. Harming and killing innocent people can never be and will never be justified in any way at any time.

We are aware that many Kenyans and even visitors to our country are hurt. We however urge you not to lose heart. Not to recriminate. Not to point fingers. Not to despair. Not to lose hope. Because we as religious people we know that the love of God; that love which surpasses all understanding is with us, always. So even as we mourn, bury our dead and heal our wounds, we are comforted that we have the love of God with us. And He shall never forsake us. We submit to His will. We seek His protection and healing balm. And we shall be comforted. For He is the Great Comforter. And we shall be healed. For he is the Great Healer.

As Religious Leaders, we join other Kenyans and the world in general in condemning the barbaric attack in our country. We thank the security agencies and their leadership for their swift and timely response at the onset of this attack and for the coordinated manner they have operated.

We seek to pray for our security agencies to put to the best possible use all the resources of this country to the intelligence gathering and protection of the citizens and our visitors. We believe that with the support of all Kenyans and more diligence on the part of the security apparatus, this country can be secured. Our people can live in peace and be secure. And the ever-constant danger of terrorist attacks will be overcome. But it will call for our courageous men and women in uniform to better gather the intelligence and use it in a timely manner to protect the citizens. And for the citizens to fully cooperate, be vigilant and act as the first bulwark for the defense of their country. There can be no any other way. We must win this war against the forces of evil and darkness.

We urge our security agencies and the government officials to be diligent in giving accurate information to its citizens. Accurate information dispels rumors and creates confidence. We cannot forget similar incidences in the past where distortion of vital information led to a disgraceful outcome of the situation.

We thank all Kenyans and agencies who responded quickly to the cries for help to offer blood donations and other assistance. We ask them to maintain this spirit. We call on other Kenyans to continue offering blood donations and any other support.

Let us reiterate what we have said in the past when similar incidences have occurred. The demented individuals who perpetrate these attacks will fail in their objectives because we shall not be divided by these attacks. We shall not be cowed. We shall not give in to whatever their demands are. No amount of terror will shake us. They are involved in an exercise of futility. And we shall defeat them.

Lastly, we wish to continue urging all Kenyans to continue to live as brothers and sisters, no matter their faith, color, race or ethnic community. We are all One People, under God.

God Bless Kenya.
Signed on January 16, 2019
For Inter-Religious Council of Kenya

Rev. Fr. Joseph Mutie [Chairman, Inter-Religious Council of Kenya]
Amb. Mohamed Mahat
Arch. Jooni Marete
Bishop John Warari
Sheikh Abdalla Kamwana