An Interfaith Conference in Myanmar

Interfaith Peace Conference Myanmar
An interfaith conference for peace was held on 1st February in Myanmar at the International Business Centre in Yangon. The International Civil Society Organization, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) from Korea, which promotes world peace, organized and led the conference.

Speaking on the occasion Thanlyin Sitagu Buddha University Rector Ashin Thiha Nyarna said that what doing right now would have consequences in the future like the butterfly effect. “Flapping of the tiny wings of a distant butterfly can have influence in the forming of a tornado in the later stage in New York. Similarly today’s movement for peace here will be like the flapping of the tiny wings of a distant butterfly but it will certainly have a huge effect in future, one day”.

In this conference, Chairman of HWPL, Chairman of Islam Religion Council, Chief Priest of International Krishna Bawana Association, rector of Thanlyin Sitagu Buddha University and the Myanmar Anglican Church bishop from Mandalay delivered speeches. Addressing the conference Myanmar Anglican Church Mandalay bishop David Nyi Nyi Naing said that since there were 135 different national races, who follow various faiths including some atheists who live together in Myanmar, religious and political conflicts can be seen in the nation. So the religious leaders had the responsibility of building peace in the country for future generations and building the nation for a better future, Myanmar Anglican Church Mandalay Bishop David Nyi Nyi Naing said.

President of the Islamic Religious Affairs Council Haji Nyunt Maung said, “In the backdrop of facing conflicts and raging civil war in the nation, the incumbent government of Union Republic of Myanmar and ethnic armed organizations are working for signing a Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).” Chief priest of International Rama Krishna Bawana Association, Rama Sandras, said that all of them were human beings so that all should have a view of equality in all human beings. He said the feeling of being discriminated would mean unhappiness, distrust, instability and disharmony in the society so that all should and must have awareness of the need for equality.

This Conference was attended by about 500 people from various faiths including Buddhist monks and laymen, Christians and Muslims.


Interfaith Peace Conference Myanmar


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