How “Dancing on Two Feet,” Can Teach The World Religious Tolerance

Dancing on Two Feet – a Film to teach Religious Tolerance


COPENHAGEN, Denmark—June 17, 2015— Filmmakers, Lars Brask and Cecilia Valsted, want to make an extraordinary documentary called, “Dancing on Two Feet.” In a time where the world finds itself arguing over religion and the many different belief systems, people need to be reminded that they can still get along. A place known as Freetown, Sierra Leone, is known as “The Land of Religious Tolerance.” This place will be the focus of “Dancing on Two Feet,” in hopes that this documentary can remind people just what love is capable of.

Freetown, where “Religious Tolerance is their heritage—and export,” says Inter-religious Council’s leader Alimamy P. Kargbo. A person that is interviewed in the film. It is a place where a devoted Christian names their son Mohammed and a place where a Muslim and a Christian can be married despite their different beliefs. This documentary has the sole purpose of teaching the wold that religious tolerance is possible. However, before this documentary can be seen by the world, Lars and Cecilia need help. That’s why they launched a Kickstarter. The goal of this project is to raise USD 40.000 / DKK 260,000 by July 16, 2015. The funds raised would go toward the essential production expenses.

To help bring this inspiring documentary to life, please visit the Kickstarter campaign . Perks will be delivered between August 2015 and December 2016.

Please keep in mind this is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign does not reach the funding goal then the project cannot move forward. So know that any amount gave matters and this is an incredible opportunity to be a part of a special campaign! Help “Dancing on Two Feet,” reach the goal by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks. The more people know about this the more support the campaign will receive.

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