The Missing MDG – Ensure Interfaith Collaboration for Peace

The Missing Millenium Development Goal

The Missing Millennium Development Goal is a petition to the governments of the United Nation’s member states, religious leaders and civil society to recognise that the interfaith collaboration is key to achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Missing Millennium Development Goal began at the 2010 inaugural One Young World summit in London supported by Kofi Annan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Professor Muhammad Yunus and other luminaries, the youth delegates agreed that there should be “no violence committed in the name of religion.”

While the world strives to accomplish these goals, there are over 19 armed conflicts that are motivated by religious differences. Areas that are affected have stalled in their progress toward achieving the MDGs because necessary human and financial resources that can aid their development are tied up in these conflicts.

Therefore it is crucial that in line with other Millennium Development Goals, we recognise the missing element in our millennium quest for a better world.

We believe that interfaith collaboration is more than just desirable but is required before we can bring stable sources of food and healthcare to the world’s most vulnerable populations and bring an end to extreme poverty.

We call upon the people of the world to embrace the Missing Millennium Development Goal: Ensure interfaith collaboration for peace.

We believe such a common goal would enable greater progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals and ensure a better future, beyond 2015.

  • Provide an atmosphere for the peace dialogue involving all religions.
  • Promote tolerance and understanding of religious symbolism and traditions in society, honouring Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Promote a positive understanding of all faiths in order to facilitate the development of mutual intercultural and interfaith respect.
  • Promote positive and transparent leadership in governance and public affairs which does not accept masking of religious intolerance with political aims.
  • Promote the rights and civic responsibilities of people of all faiths, including their individual duties towards peace-building, development of mutual respect and collaboration

The Missing Millenium Development Goal - Ensure Interfaith Collaboration for Peace

Missing Development Goal Team with William F. Vendley, International Chair, Religions for Peace

Source: The Misssing MDG

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