The Sunni – Shia Divide

An ancient religious divide is helping fuel a resurgence of conflicts in the Middle East and Muslim countries. Struggles between Sunni and Shia forces have fed a Syrian civil war that threatens to transform the map of the Middle East, spurred violence that is fracturing Iraq, and widened fissures in a number of tense Gulf countries. Growing sectarian clashes have also sparked a revival of transnational jihadi networks that poses a threat beyond the region. We present a video from the Council for Foreign Relations.

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World Conference Reaffirms Commitment to Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Indigenous rights

23 September 2014: Delegates at the first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP) adopted an outcome document calling for the appointment of a high-level UN official on indigenous peoples, and for UN system-wide coherence of efforts to bring about the full realization of indigenous peoples’ rights. The conference outcome urges all concerned to address the needs of indigenous women, youth, persons with disabilities, and older people.

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Climate change: Young Christians call on EU to commit to eco-justice


The EU is among the major players in the global climate negotiations. The EU is committed to adopting the principles of its climate policy and objectives for 2030 at the meeting of the European Council in October 2014. The conference offered a space for an exchange of views and raised specific concerns related to the Christian and youth perspective. The main point was the close and inseparable link between climate change and justice.

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