Muslim, Christian, Jewish Leaders Plan Interfaith Worship Center in Jerusalem


Muslim, Christian, and Jewish leaders are planning to open an interfaith place of worship in Jerusalem for one week in September, The Media Line reported. From Sept. 5-11, a Jerusalem structure currently known as the Alpert Youth Music Center will become “AMEN,” a place of worship for the three Abrahamic faiths sharing “a passion for Jerusalem in which they will co-exist temporarily under the wings of the Almighty.”

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Multifaith Olympics: In Rio, pray wisdom will win

boltThe Olympics Games is sold worldwide as the pristine display of sports talent, passion and dedication. Then comes the news the Rio Olympics has already set a new record. 450,000 condoms will be available to Olympians to avoid the sexual transmission of the Zika virus. What follows is a reflection on wisdom and the power of commitment.

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Western Papua – Christian – Muslim Conflict

A 15 year old boy, Endi Wanimbo, has been shot dead and 11 others injured when police fired on a religious congregation in Karubaga, Tolikara district, West Papua on 17 July. There was a protest by a Christian congregation about the broadcast of Eid Prayers from a nearby mosque drowning out the Christian service. Police attended and there was one boy killed. So far no person has been named or arrested for perpetrating death or injury.

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Malaysia court sets next hearing date in Catholic paper’s ‘Allah’ case

Malaysia’s Federal Court has fixed January 21 to hear the Roman Catholic Church’s review application following its failure to get leave to appeal the Home Minister’s ban on the use of the word “Allah” in its weekly publication, the Herald.

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An Interfaith Path to Peace

Rabbi David RosenProper and right engagement with religious institutions and interfaith cooperation is critical, not only for the success of any initiative but also in order to overcome the wounds of the past and promote the common good of the communities, said Rabbi David Rosen in an address to the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations.

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Theologian Urges Interfaith Dialogue Among Women

Union Theological Seminary, New York

The Union Theological Seminary in New York is partnering with the Jewish Theological Seminary in an experiment in which 12 Christian, Jewish and Muslim women will be divided into small groups to meet regularly and, if funding can be found, live together.

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