Freedom of worship: Rio 2016 athletes’ village to welcome all religions

ovillageWhichever faith they follow, competitors coming to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic and Paralympic Games will find a place to worship in the athletes’ village. The Inter-religious centre at the Olympic and Paralympic Village will serve athletes of every faith, says coordinator, Father Leandros.

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How a Muslim and a Hindu Became ‘Blood Brothers’


I am Muslim and a journalist. So news of violence and hatred between Muslims and those of other faiths is never far from my mind. But my Nepalese “blood brother”, or “mit” as it is known in our language, is a Hindu. Our friendship is known as a Miteri friendship – a special friendship decided by our grandmothers over 24 years ago as part of a unique Nepali tradition.

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Hinduism, Religious Pluralism and Interfaith Dialogue

The term ‘Interfaith Dialogue’ refers to the positive and cooperative interaction between people of different religious faiths and spiritual beliefs, with the aim of promoting understanding between different religions to increase acceptance and tolerance. The power of religion can be used as a major force of unification among divergent factions and hence it can plays key role in the promotion of global peace and reconciliation by bringing various groups together, said Dr Uma Mysorekar at the UN Special Event, on World Interfaith Harmony: Multi-religious Partnership for Sustainable Development.

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