Myanmar: Calls for Interfaith Dialogue to achieve Peace and Harmony

Myanmar National Security Advisor U Thaung Tun today called for interfaith dialogue to promote peace and harmony. Speaking at the Dialogue for Peace, Harmony, and Security currently underway in Yangon, the NSA advisor stated: “In a 2003 UN General Assembly resolution, the nations of the world affirmed that ‘inter-religious dialogue is an integral part of the efforts to translate shared values into action.”

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Rabbi Arthur Schneier on urgency of interfaith cooperation

The interfaith coalition of religious and business leaders was set up by Holocaust survivor, Rabbi Arthur Schneier in 1965. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the foundation has rallied religious leaders worldwide to take a stand against terrorism, using their influence to halt violence and promote tolerance and mutual understanding.

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Pope Francis: Role of Women in Interreligious Dialogue

The Vatican’s dicastery for Interfaith and Interreligious Dialogue has been meeting on the topic of the role of women in interfaith and inter-religious activity. (In practice, at the local and grassroots level, women are centre and front of interfaith efforts, including dialogue.) Here, we bring you the address of Pope Francis to this plenary meeting of the dicastery.

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Pope Francis says Interfaith Dialogue is Essential

On his first full day in Kenya, Pope Francis insisted on Thursday that religion could never be used to justify violence and lamented that “all too often young people are being radicalised in the name of religion to sow discord and fear, and to tear at the very fabric of our societies”. He said interfaith dialogue is not a luxury or optional, but is simply “essential”.

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Norway royals host interfaith dialogue

King Harald, Norway

OSLO — Members of Norway’s Baha’i community attended a special gathering hosted by the King and Queen of Norway.

Up to 90 representatives from diverse religious organizations were invited to the royal palace in Oslo earlier this month as part of efforts to promote greater inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue and understanding.

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Vatican Official Tells Religions for Peace Assembly: No True Religious Leader Can Preach Violence

Cardinal Tauran

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, sent a message to participants in the Religions for Peace European Assembly, currently gathered in Castel Gandolfo to discuss the theme “Welcoming Each Other in Europe: from Fear to Trust.”

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Why do interfaith dialogue?

interfaith lecture, Australia
The importance of interfaith dialogue in today’s multicultural and multi-faith world was the topic of a seminar by Rev. Sef Carroll at the United Theological College in Sydney on 11 March. What gets picked up by media on how we perceive people of other faiths is not always the real story. There needs to be an affirmative narrative on what relationships with other faiths is about and I think that’s a responsibility for all of us in the Church said Rev. Sef Carroll.

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