Vatican continues talks with Vietnam


A Vietnamese Delegation to the Vatican has concluded its visit and there are postivie outcomes. The two sides acknowledged the progress in Vietnam – Holy See relations, including regular contacts and consultations, the exchange of high level delegations and frequent pastoral visits to Vietnam by the papal representative and non-resident special envoy, Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli.

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World Conference Reaffirms Commitment to Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Indigenous rights

23 September 2014: Delegates at the first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP) adopted an outcome document calling for the appointment of a high-level UN official on indigenous peoples, and for UN system-wide coherence of efforts to bring about the full realization of indigenous peoples’ rights. The conference outcome urges all concerned to address the needs of indigenous women, youth, persons with disabilities, and older people.

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Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights

Muslim Womens Centre

Australia has launched a new Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights. The Centre is in Northcote, Victoria, and is a new centre auspiced by the Islamic Women’s Welfare Council of Victoria. This is a new community organisation which will advocate on human rights issues and provide welfare services to Muslim women.

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