Women’s Adaptation to Climate Change in Nepal


14 August 2014: The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) has published a report, titled ‘Women’s Empowerment at the Frontline of Adaptation: Emerging Issues, Adaptive Practices, and Priorities in Nepal.’ The publication outlines the vulnerabilities of women in Nepal, especially as climate change threatens rural livelihoods, and examines women’s roles in adapting to a changing climate and natural resource base.

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UN chief spotlights role of Interfaith Dialogue to empower women

UN chief spotlights role of inter-faith dialogue to empower womenUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon drew attention to the role of faith leaders in promoting female empowerment, noting that they can help address gender prejudices and support women’s participation in society at all levels.

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Interfaith and Women

ladiesRegional Interfaith Dialogues have affirmed the increase of gender diversity in Interfaith activities. The work of women in sharing, participation, humanitarian initiatives, development and peace-building is expanding.

Interfaith practitioners believe that all human beings have moral, spiritual and intellectual capacities which could be best developed towards the attainment of human dignity.

Education at all levels and in various contexts can play a significant role in promoting interfaith understanding and cooperation. The contribution of women in religious and faith communities is increasing, and cements the non-formal and informal education in human and religious values which provides the foundations for peace and harmony, cooperation and respect in society and culture.

Regional Interfaith Dialogue recommends the development of mechanisms by which the role of women in interfaith activity can be further recognised, including through the establishment of women’s interfaith forums and by providing training and support.

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Women make Peace Possible

Women as agents for peace

The landscape of women’s participation has experienced significant change mostly in the area of awareness. All of us, men and women alike, have gender roles firmly embedded within us. The more we all try to pretend they do not exist, the less conscious we are of our own behaviors that promote inequality. Discussion of these issues openly is a first step to dealing with them and getting more women involved in the process of peace.

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Theologian Urges Interfaith Dialogue Among Women

Union Theological Seminary, New York

The Union Theological Seminary in New York is partnering with the Jewish Theological Seminary in an experiment in which 12 Christian, Jewish and Muslim women will be divided into small groups to meet regularly and, if funding can be found, live together.

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Pakistan’s Women’s Interfaith Initiative in a Time of Turmoil

Islamic woman praying

A first-ever event of its kind on interfaith by women for women arranged by Dr Marilyn Wyatt, wife of the American Ambassador, and her team was a breath of fresh air and the platform for an array of women to give voice and shape to their unity as Pakistani women from many faiths.

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