How should Buddhists respond to the gun violence epidemic?

gun with a knotThe Buddha was one of the first great teachers to recognise that in the human realm things happen for a reason. Even the most heinous perpetrators of violent acts are still human beings, acting out of desperation, rage, ideological fervor, or mental illness. While we cannot and should not excuse them, as Buddhists we should avoid dehumanizing or vilifying them to the point that we respond in kind.

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Muslims, Christians join forces against terrorism in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – In a show of unity and peace, Christians and Muslims joined forces in a prayer rally on Sunday, February 3, to condemn the deadly blasts that rocked the southern Philippines last week.

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Interfaith and Conflict Resolution

Interfaith Dialogue seeks to strengthen collaborative religious structures and networks for developing conflict resolution skills, innovative practices and proactive attitudes in areas of intercommunal conflict and the sharing of case studies of effective examples of responding to violence.

The Regional Interfaith Dialogues have promoted research on perceptions of conflict, training for religious and spiritual leaders in conflict resolution and peace-building, sharing of case studies and the promotion of the existing traditions of peacemaking and conflict resolution found within the different faith and indigenous traditions.

Opportunities for interaction, exchange and development of relations strengthen faith communities and provide useful foundations for interaction in times of stress, disaster and and peace.

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Cambodia: Be Agent of Regional Change for Peace

Agents for Change, Allicance for Conflict Transformation

Mekong Peace Journey Internship is next on the agenda as the Alliance for Conflict Transformation – Cambodia prepares for the ASEAN Youth summit in 2012.

The Mekong Peace Journey Internship is an intensive activity to hands-on the in-dept experiences for the young adult leaders through an internship program that provide a “Learning Process on Peace Building in Mekong Region.”

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Religiously motivated violence is not religious

Mosque in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia: During September of 2011, a suicide bomber attacked a church in Solo, Indonesia, killing at least one congregant and injuring many others. Indonesia, a secular nation, has had a long history of religious tolerance when it comes to minorities. But since the 2002 attacks in Bali, which were religiously motivated, questioning the relationship between religion and violence has become critical.

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