Women make Peace Possible

Women as agents for peace

The landscape of women’s participation has experienced significant change mostly in the area of awareness. All of us, men and women alike, have gender roles firmly embedded within us. The more we all try to pretend they do not exist, the less conscious we are of our own behaviors that promote inequality. Discussion of these issues openly is a first step to dealing with them and getting more women involved in the process of peace.

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Human Rights Council Hears Statements on the Impacts of Climate Change

United Nations Human Rights

3 March 2014: The 25th session of the Human Rights Council opened with high-level statements expressing concern regarding the situation in a number of countries and regions around the world, and outlining some of the efforts countries are undertaking in the promotion and protection of human rights. A number of statements highlighted the linkages between human rights and climate change.

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Doing Theology on Climate Change

Manufacturing industry smoke

In the last six months, four record-breaking storm systems have trashed whole cities and rural areas in the Philippines, Sardinia, Illinois and England. The greatest loss of life by far was in the Philippines, as residents there had no basements or storm-secure buildings in which to escape the devastating tidal surge provoked by the strongest storm system ever recorded by satellite.

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