International Symposium on Religion Journalism

Griffith Multifaith Centre

This symposium will examine how journalists can better report on faith and how faith leaders and opinion makers can encourage the inclusion of religious perspectives in the news.

From debates around medical ethics to cross–?border conflicts, religion plays a major role in global events today. Yet, religion is often overlooked or downplayed by the media in news coverage. So how can journalists better report on faith issues? How can faith leaders and opinion makers encourage the inclusion of a religious perspective in the news? And why is religion journalism so important?

The International Symposium on Religion Journalism is an opportunity for journalists and faith leaders alike to reflect on these questions and the future of religion journalism. Cosponsored by the IARJ and Griffith University Multi–?Faith Centre, the symposium will showcase Australia’s capacity to lead in the Asia Pacific region by bringing in journalists from around the world to share their experiences with and learn from local journalists


Senior Australian journalists are set to participate, including Rachael Kohn – host of ABC Radio National’s The Spirit of Things – and Barney Zwartz – writer of The Religious Write column in The Age newspaper. The symposium will engage with critical issues such as the role of bias in religion journalism, the secularization of religious conflicts and the personal and professional challenges to reporting on faith. In addition to a series of paper presentations and discussion panels, the symposium will feature workshops on developing news stories and using social media to report on faith issues.

About the Griffith University Multi Faith Centre:

Founded in 2002, the Multi-Faith Centre is a place where people from diverse faith, religious and spirituality traditions can deepen their understanding of their own faith and actively participate in interfaith dialogue, education and action.

About the International Association of Religion Journalists: The IARJ is a global network of journalists promoting excellence in the coverage of religion and spirituality. It provides services and resources to strengthen and support the work of its members. It engages media leaders, educational institutions and communities on the importance of accurate, balanced and ethical religion coverage to foster understanding.

What:International Symposium on Religion Journalism

When: 30 to 31 October 2013

Where: Griffith University Multi–?Faith Centre, Nathan Campus (170 Kessels Road, Nathan, QLD 4111, Australia)

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