Religions for the Earth Conference

Religions for the Earth Conference

Religions for the Earth Conference

This September, more than 200 religious and spiritual leaders of diverse traditions from all corners of the globe will convene at Union Theological Seminary in New York for a dialogue about spirituality and faith based action on climate change.

Entitled Religions for the Earth, the event is timed to coincide with the UN Climate Summit the following week, offering faith leaders an opportunity to come together across politics and governments for the purpose of bridging social justice issues to environmental activism, creating alignment across religious establishments and belief structures in order to galvanize action on climate change through a powerful faith-based movement at a time when it is critically needed.


At Religions for the Earth, faith leaders will be connected with other faith leaders within and across traditions, as well as with climate organizers and activists in other sectors in order to create a blueprint for action that will drive change at the local, national and global levels.

Conference participants will join workshops designed to explore narrative and ritual as tools for organizing, share innovative approaches to climate activism within traditions, strengthen and expand connections between faith leaders and activist organizations, and mobilize participation in a global, multi-faith network that will support ongoing activism and commitment to the cause.


Religions for the Earth will be followed by an inspiring multi-faith celebration and commissioning on Sunday evening to share our moral commitment with the wider public and concentrate our spiritual energies for the work ahead. This service will include governmental officials, activists, scientists and artists and will be held in conjunction with the World Council of Churches and Religions for Peace, key collaborators in building momentum for decisive faith-based leadership on climate change.

Conference participants will also be encouraged to attend and support the People’s Climate March, a large and diverse public demonstration demanding action on climate change that will include local community groups, international NGO’s, grassroots networks, churches and faith organizations, and many more.

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