Interfaith and Education

iekidsThe Yogyakarta Regional Interfaith Dialogue stated, “We are of the view that the promotion of a culture of peace and acceptance based on relationships of justice should be promoted through education as a way to enrich dialogue.”

Successive Dialogues have expanded the role of Education in Interfaith: “that education at all levels and in various contexts can play a significant role in promoting interfaith understanding and cooperation;” education about religions in the curricula of all schools, the bringing together of educationalists to develop curricula to promote interfaith understanding and human rights from religious perspectives.

Regional Interfaith Dialogues have raised the importance of, and commitment to the collection and dissemination of best practice educational interfaith resources and activities in the region.

The aim is to educate the following groups of individuals:

  • Schools – Primary and Secondary school students
  • Undergraduate and Post-graduate students
  • Religious and Spiritual Leaders (as well as Intrafaith Education)
  • Community Groups (including youth and women, future interfaith leaders)

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