Sixth Regional Interfaith Dialogue

Sixth Regional Interfaith Dialogue

The sixth Regional Interfaith Dialogue was held in Semarang, Indonesia, from 12-15 March 2012 and involved the participation of religious leaders, civil society, academia and media.

The theme for the Dialogue was Strengthening Collaborative Communities to Promote Regional Peace and Security: Interfaith in Action. The Dialogue was attended by 120 delegates from co-sponsoring countries Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Philippines, as well as from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, East Timor and Vietnam.

The participants of the Dialogue developed a Plan of Action which included activities to increase awareness and understanding of religions and faith traditions in the region through active engagement by civil society organisation with the youth, schools, media and government.

Indonesia responded to the Plan of Action by undertaking to establish the Special Program of the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarships 2012 that would provide 15 scholarships for future faith leaders from Regional Interfaith Dialogue countries and a Peace Journalism Media Workshop for 15 young journalists from Regional Interfaith Dialogue countries.

Plan of Action

6th Regional Interfaith Dialogue Plan of Action

Australian Delegation

Australian Delegation at the 6th Regional Interfaith Dialogue

Media Releases

Australia Welcomes 6th Regional Interfaith Dialogue

Media Release from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta

Media links

This is the link to a half-hour interview on Radio National done by Reverend Professor James Haire while at the sixth Regional Interfaith Dialogue:

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