Australia: A Prayer for Bushfires

A Bushfire Prayer

Australia is experiencing an horrendous season of bushfire (wildfires), in a season of drought and no rains. Much forest has burned, stock and animal life has been lost, and mobile communications knocked out. A state of emergency – state of disaster has been declared for those regions experiencing the worst of the bushfires. Much evacuation has taken place.

Courtesy of our friends at Temple Beth Israel, in East St Kilda, we have A Bushfire Prayer to share. The prayer – a Universal Prayer, it is not sectarian – prays for those who fear for the safety others, for those who have been damaged, for those with trauma and nightmare memories.

The prayer goes on to include those with concerns for the stock under their care, those who are fatigued and exhausted, and for those who have generosity and have shared. There is prayer for our harsh climate, for excellence in stewardship and for faithfulness. A rare, universal prayer directly addressing our Bushfire necessities.

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